Sensitive Flow Topper

Our topper for allergy sufferers

Your healthy sleep solution

With its antibacterial effect, our Allergo topper creates a healthy, balanced bed climate. Fewer bacteria and mites - that means peaceful and restful sleep and undisturbed nights for you.

Healthy hygiene

The Antibac brand fiber is particularly hygienic thanks to its antibacterial effect. Antibac has been proven to curb bacterial growth.

Soft upholstery

The cuddly double jersey cover is filled with our unique soft-touch foam. You'll sleep as comfortably as on clouds.

pressure relief

The individual comfort layers are coordinated in such a way that they provide optimum support for your body. The Pori-cel® topper offers optimum pressure relief and ensures healthy and beneficial air circulation. Healthy sleeping climate, pleasant lying sensation - our Allergo topper ensures holistic regeneration during sleep.


Experience the

We have the right solutions and allergy-friendly bedding for the increasing number of allergy sufferers: For our mattress covers and comforters, we use pure microfibers that are breathable and easy to wash. The synthetic fiber ensures fewer bacteria and mites - we also protect them with a natural extract that reduces the colonization of bacteria and mites.


Our Sensitive Flow topper

With antibacterial effect.

Especially recommended for allergy sufferers.


80 x 200 cm
90 x 190 cm
090 x 200 cm
100 x 200 cm
120 x 200 cm
140 x 200 cm
160 x 200 cm
180 x 200 cm
200 x 200 cm

Cover fabric
Top side: double jersey (approx. 60 % polyester/ 40 % viscose) Bottom side: double jersey (100 % polyester)

Pori-cel® foam layer (height approx. 5 cm)

The cover is removable with a 4-sided zipper. The halves can be separated and are individually washable up to 60 °C on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. Everything is also suitable for tumble drying.

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