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Discover our Novelties for 2022

ENERGY -The boost mattress for optimal regeneration

The innovative Boost foam is proven to cushion your movements with small air cushions. Sleeping movements are cushioned more gently, so you are not disturbed in your sleep phases, which can lead to a more restful sleep experience overall.

It also supports the regeneration of your muscles overnight. This can have a positive effect on your entire nervous system.

Comfortable lying thanks to approx. 1,000 springs for optimum body adaptation.

Our bestsellers


The back-friendly Pyramid mattress

In cooperation with Boris Biebl, owner of the ChiroCenter Neurochiropractic Health Centre in Bottrop, Frankenstolz has developed the outstanding PYRAMEDUS® mattress over several years. The unique pyramid structure with the 4 chiropractically developed comfort shoulder sections offers clear advantages over conventional mattresses.


World novelty:
The recycling mattress

Probably the first fully recyclable mattress core on the world market! BREATHAIR® is the innovative fibre mesh with a three-dimensional loop structure made of continuous fibres .Highly breathable, excellently elastic, light and durable. The mattress was exclusively researched and developed in our Frankenstolz Academy.

Mattress bar

In 2 steps to your personal feel-good mattress

A concept as simple and clear as your needs. In our newly developed mattress bar, we offer you type-specific solutions for freezers, sweaty people, allergy sufferers and nature lovers. 

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Research for more sleeping comfort

The revolution for more restful sleep! Discover everything about our Frankenstolz Academy. The academy of engineers! 

Frankenstolz products are developed inthe specially founded Frankenstolz Academy in close cooperation with the developers of our upstream suppliers.

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