Warm Flow cushion

The warming cushion

Regenerate with restorative warmth

Our innovative thermal pillow gives you cozy, warm nights - and a completely new comfort experience. The warming pillow is particularly soft and at the same time provides your head and neck with pleasant support. For cozy nights that bring you relaxation.

Warm sleeping climate

The temperature-regulating filling of our thermal pillow made from 9D PolyPower high-tech fiber technology ensures even heat distribution.

Supporting hold

A few quilted seams allow the cushion filling to unfold optimally, providing a pleasantly supportive and soft hold.


The pillow has a particularly high-quality TENCEL® cotton cover. The natural fiber is moisture-regulating. TENCEL® absorbs moisture quickly and releases it quickly back into the environment. The pillow is also characterized by its high durability. It provides relaxation anywhere and in any sleeping position.


Experience the

In Warm Flow you will find solutions for a comfortably warm night. We achieve this with your own warmth. Our sleep systems incorporate fibers that reflect your own body heat. This allows you to reach the optimum feel-good temperature in bed more quickly, keep your feet warm - and fall asleep better. Moisture is still wicked away quickly.


Warm Flow

With warming properties.

Particularly suitable for freezers.


40 x 80 cm
70 x 90 cm
80 x 80 cm

Cover fabric
(50 % cotton /
50 % Lyocell)

Softfill (100 % polyester)

The cushion can be washed at 60 °C with mild detergent and is suitable for tumble drying.

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