Cool Flow cushion

Our cooling cushion

Cooling effect

Our Cool Flow pillow is the ideal solution for a pleasantly cooling sleeping environment. Thanks to its refreshing properties, the pillow revitalizes you and gives you rest.

Quiet nights

The soft cover is made from natural, breathable TENCEL® cotton. It can absorb 50% more water than normal cotton. This ensures a pleasantly cool night.

Supportive and soft

A few quilted seams allow the cushion filling to unfold optimally, providing a pleasantly supportive and soft hold.

Temperature regulation

Thanks to the temperature-regulating Cell Solution® filling, the Cool Flow pillow regulates excess body heat and transports it away. The pillow returns this heat to you if you cool down too much. So you sleep in a pleasant balance.


Experience the

Some people prefer a pleasantly cool sleeping sensation. Moisture and heat are therefore quickly dissipated in the right sleeping solutions. We use Cell solution® clima, made from eucalyptus fibers with PCM technology, in the mattress covers and comforters for the Cool Flow. This phase-change material can absorb body heat and moisture - and release it again later.


Cool Flow

With the temperature-regulating Cell Solution® filling.

Particularly suitable for people who tend to sweat / people with low heat requirements


40 x 80 cm
70 x 90 cm
80 x 80 cm

Cover fabric
(50 % cotton /
50 % Lyocell)

Klimafill (80 % polyester and 20 % Lyocell)

The cushion can be washed at 60 °C with mild detergent and is suitable for tumble drying.

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