Energy mattress

For more stamina in everyday life

Optimal regeneration

Our Energy mattress was specially developed to provide you with more energy in everyday life. It is also the ideal mattress for athletes. It gives you that little bit of extra regeneration and recovery - so you can get off to a better start.

Always in shape

The mattress does not form hollows even under constant load, but always supports you in its best form.

Soft sleep

The cushioning properties of the ActiveFoam topper let you sleep like on clouds.

Regeneration for your muscles

Our mattress is made from a special boost foam that helps your muscles to recover. Small air cushions gently cushion your movements during sleep. So you sleep undisturbed and restfully throughout your sleep phases.


Comfortable thanks to 1,000 springs

The Energy mattress adapts to your lying position: Thanks to 1,000 springs, the mattress can nestle perfectly against your body. You lie comfortably and your muscles can regenerate overnight.

Energy T with barrel pocket spring core

Particularly suitable
Back and stomach sleepers

Lying comfort
Optimum support for the body when sleeping, hard lying comfort

Material advantages
Robustness and durability

approx. 23 cm

Firmness level
H2 and H3

180/200 (2 cores, 1 cover)
200/200 (2 cores, 1 cover)

Top side: double jersey (approx. 86% polyester/ 13% polypropylene/ 1% elastane), underside: double jersey (100% polyester)

ActiveFoam foam topper (height approx. 3.75 cm), barrel pocket spring core (approx. 1,000 springs for size 100×200 cm), underside: Vitacel® foam slab (height approx. 4.0 cm)

Cover removable with 4-sided zipper. Halves can be separated and washed individually up to 60 °C on a gentle cycle with mild detergent, suitable for tumble drying.