The controlled natural solution

100 % natural cotton! The cover fabric and the filling of our Natura topper are made exclusively from sustainable cotton. This is very breathable, temperature balancing and pleasantly soft to the skin.

Frankenstolz Picto-60C

For the sake of our nature! Natural sleep can be so beneficial

There is hardly anything more beautiful than to lie on organic natural materials. If you want to surround yourself with natural materials, you should also pay attention to the content of the cover that encases the topper. For your personal, natural sleeping pleasure, we recommend our toppers with cotton covers from controlled organic cultivation!

100 % organic cotton upholstery

Cotton from controlled organic cultivation

The natural filling material made of 100% cotton is particularly soft and very pleasant to the skin. Due to its puffy quality, it is very breathable, which means that it is usually also well accepted by allergy sufferers. Our Natura topper offers a very dry sleeping climate, as the cotton padding can absorb up to 60% of its own weight in moisture. The processing of cotton is very sustainable in the production process, as the wool can be reused almost in its raw state. Very little of the raw material is lost during further processing

Cover made of double jersey with soft-touch foam

Lying like on clouds - only flying is more beautiful!

The very cuddly and elastic cover made of double jersey ensures a pleasant lying comfort. This is quilted with viscose from regenerated cellulose and filled with our unique Softtouch foam. The combination of high-quality material and soft padding offers you first-class lying comfort - fantastically comfortable and pleasantly soft, so that you feel like you are lying on clouds.

Pori-cel® overlay

Optimal unfolding: particularly soft and supportive at the same time

No more pressure points and no more rolling around! The individual comfort layers are precisely coordinated and support the body perfectly while guaranteeing a snug lying feeling. The Pori-cel® topper provides optimal pressure relief and ensures healthy and beneficial air circulation. This is comfort and support at its best.


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Topper Natura - Product details

Trade fair novelty: available in stores as of 01.04.2020
  • Cover fabric: double jersey cotton (100% organic cotton)
  • Upholstery: Top side: approx. 400 g/m² climate-regulating cotton (100% organic cotton) on both sides, fleece, adaptation foam panel quilted in top panel for optimum body adaptation. Underside: approx. 100 g/m² climate-regulating cotton (100% organic cotton), fleece.
  • Care: Cover removable with 4-side zip. Halves divisible and individually washable up to 60°C on a gentle cycle with mild detergent, suitable for tumble-drying.
  • Core: Pori-cel® foam pad (height approx. 5 cm)
  • Quilting: Top side: zone quilting (954) Underside: wave quilting (005)
  • 080/200, 090/190, 090/200, 100/200 cm
  • 120/200 cm
  • 140/200 cm
  • 160/200 cm
  • 180/200 cm
  • 200/200 cm

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