The warming solution for freezers

Never freeze again! That's what our Thermo mattress promises. The integrated Climarelle thermal fibre reflects the body's own infrared heat and thus ensures a pleasantly warm sleeping experience.

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Frankenstolz Picto-60C
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Always warm feet!
Sleep like a dream

People who tend to be cold when they sleep tend to look for a warmer duvet. That is also true, however you also need a warming surface from below. That's why we recommend our mattresses for freezers - look forward to even more comfort!

CLIMARELLE thermal fibre

Cosy warm sleeping climate for comfortable sleep

Especially in the colder seasons, our CLIMARELLE Thermo fibre keeps you cosy and warm all night long without causing heat build-up. The CLIMARELLE thermal fibre reflects the body's own infrared heat and thus ensures a pleasant sleeping climate. Even on balmy summer nights - with an open window or draught - the mattress does not cool down from below. The cover keeps you constantly pleasantly warm so that nothing stands in the way of your restful sleep.

Cover made of double jersey with soft-touch foam

Lying like on clouds - only flying is more beautiful!

The very cuddly and elastic cover made of double jersey ensures a pleasant lying comfort. This is quilted with viscose from regenerated cellulose and filled with our unique Softtouch foam. The combination of high-quality material and soft padding offers you first-class lying comfort - fantastically comfortable and pleasantly soft, so that you feel like you are lying on clouds.

Pori-cel® overlay

Optimum pressure relief - leave the stress of everyday life behind you!

No more pressure points and no more rolling around! The individual comfort layers are precisely coordinated and support the body perfectly while guaranteeing a snug lying feeling. The Pori-cel® topper provides optimal pressure relief and ensures healthy and beneficial air circulation. This is comfort and support at its best.


I like to sleep on it!
Choose the right mattress core

Pori-cel® cold foam - ideal body adaptation

  • Especially suitable for you if you sleep restlessly
  • Adapts perfectly to your body shape and has high point elasticity
  • Heavier body parts, such as hips or shoulders, sink comfortably into the mattress
  • Your spine benefits from a straight and ergonomic posture when lying down
  • The cold foam core is completely noiseless
  • Rapid regeneration of the surface: returns to its original state in a short time, recesses are prevented

Choose the right hardness level
for your cold foam mattress

Barrel spring - Breathable and durable

  • The spring mattress is particularly robust and durable
  • Optimal support for your body while sleeping
  • Extra breathable thanks to the cavities between the springs
  • As a back and stomach sleeper you benefit especially from the high stability
  • We recommend the following if you prefer a harder lying feeling

Choose the right hardness level
for your barrel pocket spring mattress

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