The temperature-regulating solution for sweaty people

The Thermo Pillow actively regulates the temperature at night on a natural basis. The even heat distribution ensures a perfect sleeping climate.

Frankenstolz Picto-60C

Release excess heat! For a peaceful and restful sleep

If excess heat cannot be released during the night, this often leads to restless nights. For a restful sleep, you should use a pillow that suits your temperature needs. That's why we recommend our temperature-regulating climate pillow for a pleasant, refreshing sleeping climate.

Cell Solution® filling

Ensures optimal heat balance

The temperature-balancing Cell Solution® filling regulates excess body heat and ensures healthy sleeping comfort. The secreted heat can be absorbed by the climate pillow and returned when it cools down. So you dream in perfect balance night after night.

TENCEL® cotton cover

Feel light as a feather!

The fine and soft cover made of natural TENCEL® cotton is characterised by the hard-wearing and moisture-regulating properties of the natural fibre. With the resource-saving filling, a significant improvement in the quality of sleep can be achieved. The room climate determines the moisture transport of bedding. TENCEL® absorbs moisture quickly and releases it back into the environment. The cellulose obtained from the renewable raw material wood has a significantly more breathable effect than cotton and can absorb approx. 50 % more water.

Few topstitching seams

Optimal unfolding: particularly soft and supportive at the same time

Our high-quality pillows are both supportive and cosy. With just a few stitched seams, they offer the advantage that the filling can unfold optimally. The head thus lies particularly soft and yet has a pleasantly supportive hold.

Frankenstolz Academy

Own developments for highest quality: 100 % MADE IN GERMANY

Our products and own brands are designed in the specially founded Frankenstolz Academy in close cooperation with the developers of our suppliers. This guarantees quality assurance at all stages of production - from raw materials and textiles, to processing and the most careful final inspection.

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Pillow Climate - Product Details

  • Cover fabric: Cotton/TENCEL® (50 % cotton / 50 % Lyocell)
  • Filling: Klimafill (80 % polyester/ 20 % lyocell)
  • Care: Washable up to 60 °C with mild detergent, suitable for tumble-drying. Also suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Packaging: In reusable duffel bag, BE = packaging unit packed in carton.
  • 040/080 cm
  • 070/090 cm
  • 080/080 cm

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