Futura - The recyclable mattress

Recycling meets hygienic comfort! Futura is made of 100% BREATHAIR® core and is probably the first recyclable mattress with optimal resilience.

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Research for more sustainability!

The sustainable solution for a clean environment. The Futura mattress with the unique and exclusive BREATHAIR® core was developed by the Frankenstolz Academy of


Recyclable sleeping dream

BREATHAIR® is the innovative fibre technology with a three-dimensional loop structure made of continuous fibres. This is light, highly breathable and has optimum resilience for excellent elasticity. BREATHAIR® is also environmentally friendly, the mattress core is 100% recyclable.

Double jersey cover

Lying like on clouds - only flying is more beautiful!

The double jersey cover is removable with a 4-sided zip. The halves are divisible and individually washable up to 60° C. The cover is quilted with Quallofil Extra Life and therefore extremely cosy. The combination of high-quality material and soft padding offers you first-class lying comfort - fantastically comfortable and pleasantly soft, so that you feel like you are lying on clouds.

Frankenstolz Academy of Engineers

Own developments for highest quality: 100 % MADE IN GERMANY

Our products and own brands are designed in the specially founded Frankenstolz Academy in close cooperation with the developers of our upstream suppliers. This guarantees quality assurance at all stages of production - from raw materials and textile selection, to processing and the most careful final inspection.

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Five advantages for the sustainable Futura mattress

Highly breathable for a pleasant sleeping climate

The 3D fibre structure ensures perfect ventilation, a consistently pleasant sleeping climate and improved hygiene properties

Excellent elasticity

Excellent resilience, uniform sinking behaviour, excellent elasticity, turning and twisting without loss of force

Ideal distribution of body weight

Thanks to the BREATHAIR® 3D fibre structure the body weight is better distributed and unpleasant pressure points are avoided

Lighter with the same mattress hardness

Easier handling, extremely resilient

Environmentally friendly, as recyclable

The material can be melted down and recycled in an environmentally friendly process

Futura mattress for restful nights

  • BREATHAIR® core can provide pressure-free, peaceful sleep
  • Excellent resilience due to 3D loop structure
  • Extremely resilient
  • Perfect air circulation
  • Optimally coordinated double jersey cover quilted with Quallofil Extra Life for comfortable lying
  • Environmentally friendly, as recyclable

Choose the right hardness level
for your BREATHAIR® mattress

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Futura - Product details

  • Height: approx. 24 cm
  • Hardness level: Medium and firm
  • Cover: double jersey (approx. 65 % polyester / 35 % lyocell)
  • Quilting: top side: long wave offset (917), bottom side: wave quilting (005)
  • Padding: Top side: approx. 350 g/m² climate regulating brand fibre, Dacron® Quallofil®-ExtraLife / smartcel™ sensitive, (approx. 90 % polyester/10 % Lyocell), fleece. Underside: approx. 100 g/m² climate fibre (100 % polyester), fleece
  • Care: Cover removable with 4-side zip. Halves divisible and individually washable up to 60 °C on a gentle cycle with mild detergent, suitable for tumble-drying.
  • Core: BREATHAIR® 3D fibre technology (3-layer structure)
  • Other: With 4 sturdy handles
  • 080/200, 090/190, 090/200, 100/200 cm
  • 140/200 cm

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