The Boxspring & Upholstered Beds Quality from Frankenstolz

Discover the great world of box spring and upholstered beds from Frankenstolz. For your healthy and restful sleep, we produce our beds by hand in Untersiemau, Franconia. Put together your own personal bed from over 1,000,000 possible combinations.

A special kind of sleeping experience

As we all know, tastes are different. With our large selection of different design elements and a variety of fabrics, you can put together your own personal highlight. Completely according to your taste.


Choose your individual headboard from 8 options

You can choose the headboard according to your personal preferences from our 3 series.

Series 100

KT 100
KT 102

Series 200

KT 200
KT 202
KT 205
KT 207

Series 300

KT 300
KT 302

Motorised adjustment or storage space - the choice is yours!

Our beds are as individual as the purpose for which you need it. First and foremost, the focus is on sleep and lying comfort. This is more of a relief for a box spring base and more of a support for an upholstered bed with a spring wood frame. In combination with the right top mattress, you get your personal lying comfort.

Do you need additional storage space? With our box spring base with side-opening bed drawer or our upholstered beds, you can also use the space under the mattress.

Would you like it to be more comfortable? Then our motorised adjustment will help you gently and pleasantly get into the right position.

Substructures on solid wood frame


Substructure with motorised adjustment

Motorised adjustment

Substructure with bed base incl. ventilation

Bed base

Elegant and stable

Choose the box spring bed feet to match your interior. Whether stainless steel or wood look, solid or filigree - the choice includes six different foot designs. Find the ideal model for your box spring bed!

Our selection of box spring bed bases

FK 01
FM 03
FM 06
FM 07
FH 10
Floating optics FK 00

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