Reports via the whistleblower system

With the entry into force of the following laws

      - European Product Safety Regulation (EU-ProdSV)

      - Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG)

      - Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act (LKSG)

fan frankenstolz Schlafkomfort GmbH & Co. KG to comply with all applicable standards and laws, in particular to observe human rights and environmental due diligence obligations in its supply chains in an appropriate manner.

This includes, among other things, the establishment of a company-internal complaints procedure. The aim of this complaints procedure is to enable individuals to point out human rights-related or environmental risks or breaches of duty that have been caused by fan frankenstolz itself or by a supplier.

Potential whistleblowers are persons who are directly affected by the risk or breach of duty, such as the employees or customers of our suppliers or residents living next to operating sites.

What do you report?

Only those tips should be given where you have a good faith belief that the facts you are reporting are true, as only in these cases is there protection for the person reporting. The reporting person is not in good faith if he knows that a reported fact is untrue. In case of doubt, corresponding facts are not to be presented as a fact, but as an assumption, evaluation or as a statement of other persons. It is pointed out that a whistleblower may be liable to prosecution if, against his or her better knowledge, he or she claims untrue facts about other persons.

We ask for your understanding that the whistleblower portal should only be used to report unlawful conduct relating to human rights and environmental risks. General complaints as well as product and warranty inquiries will not be processed.

Where do you report?

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